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Wood working and Ceramics areas

Lismore Art Space Wood Workshop is a not-for-profit initiative. Our intention is to create an accessible community space where people can learn and make. We are not a space for commercial projects or large production but rather a space where sustained engagement in a culture of learning, sharing and creation is encouraged. We invite novices, hobbyists and more experienced woodworkers to use the workshop for community or personal projects and encourage people to become involved in the space.  


 How it works:

  • If you wish to use the space you must first attend a 1 ½ hour induction course. This runs through basic operation of key tools and covers safety and workshop procedures.

  • Following this you will be able to hire the workshop for independent use

  • You can hire the workshop on your own or as a group - if you are working on the same project you can hire it as a group (up to 4 people, all needing induction).

  • You will usually have the workshop to yourself, occasionally you’ll share with another hiring person.   

  • If you are an experienced woodworker you will be free to hire the workshop unsupervised, if your experience is low you will need to be supervised when hiring the workshop (this will be discussed on a case by case basis, depending on your skill level and the tools you’re planning to use). 

  • We provide workshop space, bench to use for the day, tools (see list below), ear plugs and safety glasses, you provide materials, consumables (screws, glue, sand paper etc), P2 mask.

Power Tools:

  • Cordless drill and impact driver 

  • Orb sanders

  • Circ saw, battery

  • Electric plane

  • Angle grinder 

  • Jig saw

  • Dremmel

Hand tools: 

  • Selection of hammers, saws, chisels, files, clamps etc. 


  • Induction $20 per person per hour.

  • Unsupervised workshop hire $15 per person per hour

  • Supervised workshop hire $25 per person per hour 

  • Group – if working on the same project $20 per hour (up to 4ppl)


 Available hire times:

  • Monday to Friday 2-6pm. 

  • Saturday 10-4pm



Work Bench:

  • 3 benches

  • 2 vices 

Bench tools: 

  • Drop saw

  • Band saw

  • Drill press 

  • Belt sander 

  • Bench grinder & linisher 



  • In the induction we will cover the specifics of access, hiring, use and safety.

  • Please contact us to book a date for induction

  • The induction shouldn't be considered as a woodworking course, if you have zero experience / are looking for more hands on learning check out our courses with Nyree Smith held here at LAS. If these dates are not convenient for you contact Nyree direct on 0404 292 344, nyree@smithart.com.au and https//www.facebook.com/smithartworkshops or alternative join Jonathan Smith’s Thursday classes 9-12. For enquires about Jonathans classes please call Jonathan on 0411 105718.

Ceramic area.


Introducing our new area up for hourly hire. Located on the side of Lismore Art Space (attached to main building) it has its own door and overlooks the garden.


Created mainly for ceramics, with a tap and hose close by, it can also be used for plaster works and its like.


It features cupboard, shelves and tables (more tables can be brought in) and a small bisque kiln.


It hires for $10 per hour or by negotiation if you have a project.

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