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Make your own felted hat. August 8, 10am-3pm

Come along for this 5 hour workshop and learn the art of wet felting.
Wet felting is the process of using water, soap, wool and friction to merge the fibres together to create a fabric. Wet felting is an ancient craft and is where our very first textiles came from. Your experienced instructor Courtney Heffernan will guide you though the basics of everything you need to know regarding the wonderful world of felting. 
You can expect to walk home with a finished hat and the know how to put your own personal touch to it at home.


Lino Printmaking and hand colouring techniques
June 20, 10am-4pm

During this informative workshop participants will learn the art of Lino block printing to
produce a finished lino block and multiple prints - ready to take home and frame!
The class will be led through the process of block design, carving, registration, inking and
printing their lino block and methods to incorporate hand-coloured features into their finished print. This creative workshop is ideal for all skill levels and is a perfect class for anyone interested in learning new exciting ways of mark making.

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Advanced Cyanotype workshop June 13,10

This workshop is for those who have some experience printing Cyanotypes and want to take their skills to the next level. Your instructor Raimond de Weerdt will provide students with an in-depth experience of working with all aspects of the cyanotype process, which includes printing Cyanotypes using negatives, toning and creating extreme Cyanotypes. 


22 May, 9am -12pm. Felting workshop with Courtney Heffernan.

Saturday April 10, 9-3pm

Join us for a morning of needle felting that will inspire creative flow and reconnecting with your imagination. Needle felting is the process of transforming wool into a 3D shape by using a barbed needle. Through this process you are agitating the fibres so they bond together, creating a solid form. Drop into your feminine flow as you create a your very own ‘Mushroom Goddess’ by using just needles and wool to bring her into reality. In this workshop we will be learning some basic needle felting techniques to create this little soft sculpture. Needle felting is a relaxing craft to learn and I have personally found it to be great in relieving stress and anxiety. The perfect craft to be able to drop into your creative flow! 

Introduction to Tools for Practical and Creative Use: Wood and Metal Work.

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In this workshop you will learn to join different materials together; timber, aluminium, steel and copper and most importantly; you will learn to operate the tools of your trade; both hand and power tools including circular saw, grinder, drill, impact driver and reciprocating saw. These will be demonstrated and safety features discussed, iI's important to feel comfortable and in control when operating power tools and this class is designed to give you this insight while building a practical project.

This fun and very useful 6 hr course will be taught by well acclaimed metal artisan Nyree Louise Smith. Nyree has spent 30 of her 54 years working in the very versatile world of metalwork. Her skills include: welding, industrial design, metal fabrication and ancient techniques such as blacksmithing, and tin smithing. These skills have been refined through artist-in-residence postings in Spain and England, during a Churchill Trust fellowship in 2001, and also study grants from the Australian Council for the Arts, The George Alexander and Ian Potter Foundations. She plans to offer master classes in these unique and versatile techniques in the near future. Welding, an essential metalworking skill for all beginners, will be on offer from May 2021.

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Wednesday Nov 11 2020, 7-9 Artist Talk Raimond de Weerdt

Raimond will talk about his involvement in one of Australia's longest running photographic projects called 'Facing Australia'. During his talk Raimond will show numerous works created by Facing Australia including two films.

The latest work titled Bluey is a finalist in the 2020 Hurford Hardwood Portrait prize at the Lismore Regional Art Gallery.

Sunday Nov.8 2020, 2-4 Artist Talk AñA Wojak

AñA wojak.jpg

AñA Wojak is a trans genderfluid artist whose work crosses the precipice of performative and visual art forms. With a particular interest in site-specificity, durational performance, ritual and altered states, they create visually poetic work that resonates with a visceral depth. Originally from Sydney they are now based in Northern Rivers NSW.
This cross-disciplinary artist studied in Gdańsk, Poland amid the turmoil of Solidarity and Martial Law and has been an exhibiting artist for over 40 years, with work short listed in numerous award exhibitions, and featured in private and public collections including Artbank and the National Portrait Gallery of Australia. In 2004 they were awarded the prestigious Blake Prize.

October 25-29, 2020
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Sunday October 11, 2-4pm Artist talk by  Steve Giese
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September 13- R.J.Poole Artist talk

 Steve Giese is an art teacher who has been working in the Northern Rivers for most of his life. His creative practice includes painting, printmaking, drawing and occasionally writing. His work responds to historical events as well as the traditional genres of 2D mediums.
Title: Antipodean Study
Medium: Oil on Canvas
150 x 160cm

If you missed this great talk can you view it on our Facebook page HERE

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During this artist talk R.J Poole will explain his creative practice via the underlying motivations that drive his signature body of work – the Anima Series. R.J Poole will describe the collaborative relationships he shares with various people and the methods he employs to express him self through others. He intends for this talk to focus on ‘how and why’ he makes art, as opposed to ‘what’ he makes and to have an open exchange with the audience about the art process in general.

Sunday September 13, 2pm to 4pm.

If you missed this insightful talk please view it on our Facebook page HERE

August 9- Anna Nordstrom Artist talk

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Anna will talk about her inquiry into the transformative aspects of her studio process; for both the materials and the artist. As materials are transformed into art objects so too is the artist altered, moving through past traumas or scarred histories, transmuting objects and emotion through acts of movement, intention and the routine of making.

Missed this inspirational talk, you can view it on our Facebook page here

July 12, 2020 - Christine Porter Artist talk 2-4
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Christine has been a full-time practicing artist since 1990. In that time she’s painted thousands of watercolours, editioned 167 etchings, created her own way of Perspex-boxing artwork and taught more emerging artists than she can count.

She’s traveled Australia’s heartland gaining inspiration about a way of rural life that is on the edge of urban memory. Over the years her painting has become concentrated on stories of the sheep and wool industries, becoming along the way, a specialist of the iconic Australian Shearing Shed.

This talk will have both original artworks from her recently covid-cancelled solo show “The Working Shed”, and slides from previous work. It will be part travelogue, part art show, and depending on the audience, will also include some discussion about her work methods and techniques.

Sunday July 12, 2pm to 4pm.

Free event, drinks available by donation

July 5 2020

Plastic Un-fantastic is an opportunity to creatively explore, discuss and learn about the past, present and future of plastic. One of the aims is to create a collaborative creative work.

Starts at 11 am till 3pm. Cost $10.00 includes soup and bread and live music. For more information contact Susanna at or click HERE